Estate Agent Perfection...

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I am someone who has used estate agents before and use to the usual having to chase and worry are they actually representing your interests and doing the work you expect of an agent. However....... David Daniels is the best agents I have dealt with in the last 10 years. They are always professional, flexible, act on your requests promptly, communicate via, calls, texts, emails and letter and always strive to ensure the best possible service for yourself, the customer first. I was highly impressed with the level of dedication from the agents. The amount of interest gathered on the property which has been sold now was tremendous, the demand was such I left them a key to the property and viewings continued with myself not even in. Even if the individual agents I was working with were not in, another member of the team would deal with any arising issues as if they all individually were assigned the sale. I cannot find any fault and nowadays in the current market that is hard to say. I am extremely pleased and greatly thankful for the service they have provided me. Value for money! I would recommend David Daniels to anyone!

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